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Music at the Palace

The “Sounds and vision of Caravaggio”

Art masterpieces are brought alive by the scintillating music of the 17th century. The gallery once more gives life to the notes of Frescobaldi, Monteverdi, Falconieri and other great composers, many of whom were active in Baroque Rome. The performances are accurate early music representations, with period instruments and practices. Voice, Baroque guitar, Baroque transverse flute, percussion, and lutes are the protagonists. The tour, conducted by an art historian, is interspersed with performances in the various rooms, (Poussino Room, the Ballroom, Quadrilatero, the Aldobrandini Room) creating a crescendo of emotions that reaches its grand finale with a concert in the stupendous Throne Room (Sala del Trono).

Cooking lesson with a Chef

A cooking class is the perfect place to learn all the secrets of Italian cuisine. A cooking class with a chef that will allow you to learn a lot of new ideas that you can put into practice with lunches and dinners for your family or friends.

An evening with Raphael

The Vatican Museums Collection of Contemporary Art celebrates its first 40 years. On June 23th 1973, the then Pope, Paul VI, opened the doors of the Museums, home to Michelangelo and Raphael, to contemporary masters, inaugurating the new Collection of Modern Religious Art, dedicated to the art of the 1900s, which now consists of over 8,000 works.

A private tour just for you in the Vatican Museums, after closing time. an unforgettable experience !